It was in the rush of juggling a full time job, part time study, a casual job and a social life, that I realised I lost touch of the two things I valued most. My earliest memories have always included my love for creativity and nature, but I found these were the first two things I crossed off my priority list when the pressure was piling up.

I loved my jobs, and I loved to study, but the pressure I placed on myself to meet deadlines, to be on time, to get my work done above and beyond, whilst still trying to maintain a house that didn’t resemble a garbage bin, meant that something had to give.

Rather than creating new recipes and cooking from scratch, I almost always had take-out (or let my partner do all the work- whoops!). Rather than unwinding by colouring in, drawing, knitting or embroidery as I had done before, I sat right in front of a screen to get my ‘fix’ or working late into the night. I found myself caring less and less about what sort of products I was buying, and how much impact I was placing on landfill just to save an extra five minutes a day.

I was tired, I was stressed but most importantly, I was not being myself. I compromised what made me happy with the thought that doing everything I wanted to achieve would overwhelm me. One day, I clicked. Surely, there’s an easier way to live a positive, creative and eco-friendly life that doesn’t add more to my workload.

Now, I’m on a mission to find different ways in which I can incorporate my love for creativity and my desire to live a conscious, eco-friendly lifestyle, and share with you the things I learn.